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Averrhoa carambola

Star Fruit

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Plant Facts

Scientific Name Averrhoa carambola
Principal Common Name Star Fruit
Common Name(s) Carambola
Description The carambola tree is slow-growing, short-trunked bushy, broad, rounded crown and reaches 20 to 30 ft. Its deciduous leaves, spirally arranged, 6 to 10 in long, and smooth on the upper surface, finely hairy and whitish on the underside. Small clusters of red-stalked, lilac, purple-streaked, downy flowers, about 1/4 in wide, are borne on the twigs in the axils of the leaves. The showy, oblong, longitudinally 5- to 6-angled fruits, 2 1/2 to 6 in long and up to 3 1/2 wide, have thin, waxy, orange-yellow skin and juicy, crisp, yellow flesh when fully ripe. Slices cut in cross-section have the form of a star.
General Comments The leaflets are sensitive to light and more or less inclined to fold together at night or when the tree is shaken or abruptly shocked. Juice from fruit will remove stains from hands, clothes, weapons.
Nativity Ceylon, the Moluccas
Height Range 20 - 30 FT
Spread Range 20 - 30 FT
Flower Showy N
Sunset Zones 21 : 22 : 23 : 24
USDA Zones 8a : 8b : 9a : 9b : 10a : 10b : 11
Leaf Color Medium Green
Leaf Texture Fuzzy underside : Soft
Form Edible : Shrub : Small Tree
Flower Color Lavender : Pink
Flower Time Continuous : Summer : Fall
Ease of Growing Average
Light Preferences Sun (minimum 8 hours direct sun)
Soil Preferences Rich : Well-drained
Watering Preferences Medium
Outstanding Features Edible : Fruit

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