Here are a few things we suggest you do to get started using the Mulch:

To find your to your PROFILE or to Search the website look to the upper right corner - the first image is what it looks like before you log in, then second image is what is looks like after you've logged in:


  1. Find your gardening climate zone (either Sunset or USDA or both) and add it to your My Profile page. Tutorials: Finding Your Gardening Climate Zone and Add Your Climate Zone To Your Profile.
  2. Share a little about you and your garden by answering our gardening questions on your My Profile page. Tutorial: My Profile: Edit, Answer Questions, Change Password etc. .
  3. Start a list of the plants you grow. Add five plants (at least) you own to your "My Plants" list to get acquainted with how things work. Tutorial: How To Create Your MY PLANTS list.  
  4. Search for and use Plant Care Reminders for your climate zone which will be on your My Plant Care page. Tutorial: Plant Care Reminders - Finding and Using Them.
  5. Ask or answer your gardening questions in our Forums section.
  6. Gardening Directory - Add your gardening related link to our directory. It's great for gardening businesses or clubs and it's free.

Here are some good resources:

  1. User's Guides section (go to Articles then User Guides).
  2. Creating and Using Your Plant List: A step by step guide (very helpful).
  3. Plant Care Reminders: Finding and Using Them (our most unique feature).
  4. List of all our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).
  5. Link to your My Profile page in our Community.
  6. Me - I'm Mitch, the founder of the Mulch and I'm glad to help answer any questions you may have. The best way to get a hold of me is send me a message on My Profile or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Another way is to send me a friend request!

All of the above are good resources to remember, if I were to suggest one thing to do is log in, then:

  1. Go the the View All Plant Care page
  2. Filter the available Monthly Plant Care Reminders by your Sunset or USDA Climate Zone.
  3. Scroll through the results and either "View" the plant care reminders or "Use" them.
  4. When you "Use" them you are automatically creating a customized list of Plant Care Reminders for the plants you're growing in the climate zone you live in! You can find your personal Plant Care Reminders here https://themulch.com/my-plant-care.

You can browse through all our plant care here:

More Suggestions:

Search our Plant Encyclopedia and create a list of the plants you're growing, then see which plants have free Plant Care Reminders for you to use - like this:

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You can have these monthly Plant Care Reminders sent directly to you each month!

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