At the Mulch everything revolves around you and your plants. The Mulch connects people and regional plant care information by the plants they grow.

We find gardening experts that create monthly plant care reminders, answer questions and help your garden be more successful and we connect them to you automatically.

We've developed a system which delivers information about the plants you're interested in directly to your own personal 'My Profile' page. All you need to do to get started is join the Mulch (it's FREE and there's no obligation) and start adding the plants you have or that you're interested in to your 'My Plants' list, you just search our database and click a button and the plant goes right onto your list (we have over 85,000 plant names in our database and we're adding more all the time). 

Once you add a plant to your 'My Plants' list a whole bunch of great and unique features come to life (it's really easy to do). You can get plant research, find photos (or add them), keep private notes, ask questions, get comments from other members and even get (or create) month by month plant care instructions sent directly to you and a whole lot more! In addition, when you add a plant we automatically create a link to everyone else in the community who has this plant on a list. So when you add a plant you're actually connected to others by the plants you're interested in!

It's not only the plants you grow that you make lists of, but also the plants you wish you had (My Wish List), that you recommend (My Recommendations), that you're having problems (Troubled Plants) with or even the plants you've killed (Plant Cemetery).

As members add plants to their lists we compile the information and display it for all the members to see. So you can see what's most owned, most wanted, most troubled, most killed etc. (Imagine the great information you'll have when there are 100,000 members of the Mulch all adding their plants!) 

This is what really makes the community unique – we need your plants, the more you add to your lists, the more the collective community can learn about what plants people grow and like.  Once your plants are added you can see who else owns the same plants!  Imagine the possibilities to be able to communicate with others from all over who own your same plant!!!

Get Started now! All you need to do to get started is join the Mulch (it's FREE and there's no obligation).