Ron Vanderhoff Plant Care Reminders

Gardening Ability  6 - Gardening Professional, Location   Lake Forest, CA 92630 , Sunset Zone  Zone 23 , USDA Zone  Zone 9b

I'm a gardener. I just love plants, gardens and the people who like plants and gardens. I have been involved in plants and gardens my whole life. From native plants to collectable plants and all of those in between, I enjoy sharing what I have learned and learning what I don't know. I am a professional horticulturist, managing one of the nation's busiest and best known garden centers, Roger's Gardens in coastal Orange County, CA. I hope to help people discover the virtues of gardening as well as the value of plants to the planet and to our lives. In addition to being a garden center manager, I am a speaker and writer. My gardening passions continue to evolve but currently reside in the genus Oxalis, especially the South African species (no kidding), Ipheion, Eucomis, etc. Issues I am interested in include the introduction and appreciation of more climate appropriate plants, reduced green waste, groundwater concerns, the new botanical garden at the Great Park in Orange County and the ever changing "California" garden from a style perspective.

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