• A Different Kind of 'Hot Spot'

    Dealing with lawn hot spots.

    Last weekend was hot; 85, 90, even 100 degrees in some areas. It was the first hot few days of

  • Easy Sprinkler Upgrade is a Do-it-Yourselfer

    MP Rotators

    In these times of water conservation and water runoff concerns, one of the easiest and smartest

  • Drought Tolerant - Southern California

    Aloe marlothii

    Don Walker's Top Plant Recommendation:Favorite Drought

  • What was that new sprinkler thing you wrote about?

    MP Rotators
    A few weeks ago I wrote about a simple sprinkler conversion that was no harder than
  • Ghost Plant - A Work Horse In My Drought Tolerant Garden

    Graptopetalum paraguay ...
  • Saving Rainwater Quickly Becoming a Viable Alternative for Local Gardeners

    Bushman Tank

    Fall and winter is a wonderful time to improve a landscape and garden.

  • The Year in Gardening, 2009

    Year in Gardening 2009