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We´ve developed a system for Gardening Experts to provide local Plant Care Instructions which members of the Mulch can easily use. From this Plant Care Providers page you are able to find local experts, see what plants they have Month by Month care instruction for, and easily use them. This is a brand new feature, and it will be improving almost daily, coming soon you´ll be able to find Plant Care Providers (and instructions) by Climate Zone, Zip Code, Plants or Local Area.

Are you a Gardening Expert, Nursery Owner, Garden Writer or an individual who has gardening expertise? If so, please contact us, we´d like to tell you more about how you can start using our system to promote yourself, your gardening club or your Nursery.

  • Coastal Sage Gardening, San Diego, CA 92106
    View 9 Plant Care By Coastal Sage GardeningGardening Ability : Gardening BusinessSunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 10b
  • Ellen, Clover, SC 29710
    View 2 Plant Care By EllenGardening Ability : Sunset Zone(s) : USDA Zone(s) : 8a
  • Garden Jewels Nursery, San Diego, CA 92110
    View 240 Plant Care By Garden Jewels NurseryGardening Ability : Gardening BusinessSunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 10aWe are native San Diegans who grew up and still live in the Point Loma area. Cherie's love of plants and gardening comes from her mother. Katie's passion comes from both of her parents. Her mother's father and grand-father had nurseries in the Washington area. Katie's father loved to spend time in his yard at the end of the day and on the week-ends. He would care for his plants as Katie watched, listened and learned.
  • JackShoultz, San Diego, CA 92021
    View 441 Plant Care By JackShoultzGardening Ability : Gardening ProfessionalSunset Zone(s) : 23USDA Zone(s) : 10a
  • Julie Bawden-Davis, Orange, CA 92866
    View 360 Plant Care By Julie Bawden-DavisGardening Ability : Sunset Zone(s) : 22USDA Zone(s) : 9b
  • katiezinnia, SAN DIEGO, CA 92127-6100
    View 1 Plant Care By KatiezinniaGardening Ability : Sunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 9b
  • View 21 Plant Care By KatWolfdancerGardening Ability : Gardening ProfessionalSunset Zone(s) : USDA Zone(s) :
  • Liliana, San Marcos, CA 92078
    View 49 Plant Care By LilianaGardening Ability : Gardening ProfessionalSunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 10b
  • Lucy, San Diego, CA 92104
    View 34 Plant Care By LucyGardening Ability : Certified Master GardenerSunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 11
  • Mitch, Point Loma, CA 92106
    View 6 Plant Care By MitchGardening Ability : Garden a lot, with some successSunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 10bI'm an avid gardener that really got into gardening because I remember how good the fresh apricot's were which grew in my yard as a child and the unbelievable cherry's my grandma grew in Utah. I'm by no means and expert, but I thought it would be great to make a place for people to communicate and share information about gardening but in a regional way. That's how we got to this website. We've been working on it for years and it's really fun to see it start to happen. I was born in Salt Lake City Utah but I moved to coastal Southern California my whole life. I have a smallish yard with a layer of clay soil running throughout my whole backyard. I swear if I had a spinning wheel and a kiln I could throw a million clay pots!
  • mywebinfo, Louisiana, Missouri 63353
    View 1 Plant Care By MywebinfoGardening Ability : ExperiencedSunset Zone(s) : 5USDA Zone(s) : 5a
  • PW ColorChoice, Grand Haven, MI 49417
    View 141 Plant Care By PW ColorChoiceGardening Ability : Gardening BusinessSunset Zone(s) : USDA Zone(s) : 5b
  • Ron Vanderhoff, Lake Forest, CA 92630
    View 20 Plant Care By Ron VanderhoffGardening Ability : Gardening ProfessionalSunset Zone(s) : 23USDA Zone(s) : 9bI'm a gardener. I just love plants, gardens and the people who like plants and gardens. I have been involved in plants and gardens my whole life. From native plants to collectable plants and all of those in between, I enjoy sharing what I have learned and learning what I don't know. I am a professional horticulturist, managing one of the nation's busiest and best known garden centers, Roger's Gardens in coastal Orange County, CA. I hope to help people discover the virtues of gardening as well as the value of plants to the planet and to our lives. In addition to being a garden center manager, I am a speaker and writer. My gardening passions continue to evolve but currently reside in the genus Oxalis, especially the South African species (no kidding), Ipheion, Eucomis, etc. Issues I am interested in include the introduction and appreciation of more climate appropriate plants, reduced green waste, groundwater concerns, the new botanical garden at the Great Park in Orange County and the ever changing "California" garden from a style perspective.
  • Sandiegoseed, san diego, California 92102
    View 17 Plant Care By SandiegoseedGardening Ability : Sunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 10b
  • SandieP, Clarkston, Michigan 48348
    View 3 Plant Care By SandiePGardening Ability : Certified Master GardenerSunset Zone(s) : 41USDA Zone(s) : 5b
  • SolanaSucculents, Solana Beach, CA 92075
    View 242 Plant Care By SolanaSucculentsGardening Ability : Gardening BusinessSunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) :
  • SteveBrigham, Westport, CA 95488
    View 1076 Plant Care By SteveBrighamGardening Ability : Gardening ProfessionalSunset Zone(s) : 17USDA Zone(s) : 9b
  • The Growers Exchange, Charles City, VA 23030
    View 7 Plant Care By The Growers ExchangeGardening Ability : Gardening BusinessSunset Zone(s) : 6USDA Zone(s) : 7bStarted The Growers Exchange in 1985. An urban garden center in the Carytown shopping district. Began growing in our Charles City greenhouses, supplied our own store and wholesale accts. At this time we grew mostly flowering plants; herbs were a spring crop only. At the time there was low demand for herbs. In 2005 the store was closed and we began The Growers Exchange.com, an online herb nursery. Has managed a 600 ac. farm since 1995, keeping cows, chickens, etc. Also have 2000 tree fruit orchard.
  • The Mulch, San Diego, CA 92106
    View 4 Plant Care By The MulchGardening Ability : Gardening ProfessionalSunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 11This is the official page of the The Mulch. This is the account that will be posting public events, notices, articles etc. Please feel free to be our friend or ask any questions!
  • thegardenbuzz, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55391
    View 2 Plant Care By ThegardenbuzzGardening Ability : Gardening ProfessionalSunset Zone(s) : USDA Zone(s) : 4aI started digging in the dirt while still in diapers. I can't remember a time when I wasn't gardening or wishing I was gardening. Our family moved around Southern California and then my husband's career left us "subject to transfer"; the nomadic life is hard on a gardener, all they long to do is put down roots, literally. However I have been fortunate to garden in many places and see beautiful gardens around the world.
  • Walter Andersen Nursery, San Diego, CA 92110
    View 84 Plant Care By Walter Andersen NurseryGardening Ability : Gardening BusinessSunset Zone(s) : 24USDA Zone(s) : 10b

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