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Rare and Exotic Palms, Cycads and Tropical Plants                                          
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Hello!  You may already know us as a rare and exotic plant source. We also offer a wealth of information about palms, cycads and tropical plants on our website.  Highlighted below are several links over many types of genera.  These articles highlight culture, usage in the landscape, give photographic examples and of course our price/availability pages.  We invite you to come, read and enjoy some of the articles we have written.  Many customers have commented on how helpful they are in growing, planting and making species selections for their gardens!

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Palm Trees
Palm Tree Care and Advice
Seedlings to Landscape Specimens (Species Availability List)

Palms in the Landscape
Cold Hardy Palms

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The Best Cycads for Southern California, Florida, Texas and Arizona
Seedlings to Landscape Specimens (Species Availability List)
Encephalartos Encyclopedia
Cycads in the Landscape

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Tropical Foliage
Tropical Companion Plants 
Tropical Plant Availability (with photos)

Alocasia, Exotic Companion Plants
Tropical Landscape

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Exotic Ferns

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Bromeliads in the Landscape
Rare Bromeliads!
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Jungle Music
Palms, Cycads & Tropical Plants

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