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The Territorial Seed plant advantage! Sustainably hand raised: All our plants are hand raised in Cottage Grove, OR using sustainable practices and organic materials. Custom, live soil: Plants begin their life in custom organic soil blends, featuring worm vermicompost loaded with beneficial fungi and bacteria! Mycorrhizae enhanced: Mycorrhizae greatly enhances the plants ability to uptake available nutrients in the garden. Territorial plants have been given a one-time application of mycorrhizae that is good for the life of the plant. Compost tea applications: We have been brewing compost tea at our farm for over 15 years. Our custom
brew is teeming with millions of beneficial microbes that help our tomato, pepper, and eggplants thrive! LAST CHANCE FOR VEGGIE, FLOWER, AND HERB PLANTS Our final deadline for ordering from our complete selection of Territorial Seed Company’s plants is fast approaching! Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to choose from some of the country’s best vegetable, herb and flower transplants. We will take orders for plants to be delivered in the last half of May through Monday, May 1st 2017.
For home brewers and ornamental vine lovers, hops are a must in the garden. These aggressive climbers will cling and twine up supports—growing to lofty heights each season and dying back to the ground in winter. The summer blooms are the brewmasters’ source of a variety of flavors in beers. As an ornamental, the plant provides a cooling screen of lush foliage in summer. It’s a perfect time to plant these amazing vines, and we are shipping the rhizomes now. Get yours before the supply runs out!
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