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Summer is coming to a close, and we’ll be seeing an eclipse of the Harvest Moon tonight. For a vast majority of Northern Hemisphere gardeners this marks the end of the season and a time to put the garden to bed. For the savvy among us, it’s a sign that there is a short list of crops that can be planted for winter harvest. Make the most of your cold-weather garden and plant lettuce, carrots, arugula, radishes, and more.
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Yaya Carrots — Yaya produces bright orange roots that are crisp and uniform. Add the extra sweetness that comes along with cool weather and you have one delectable carrot.

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Hampton Lettuce — A new release for us this year, Hampton produces perfectly formed, densely packed plants of deep green, oak-shaped leaves. Available in organic and handy pelleted seed.

Click here to buy Celesta Radish seed
Celesta Radish — If you’re anxious for a radish harvest, our organic Celesta is a prime choice. Ready to enjoy in just 25 days from sowing, these beautiful red globes have white flesh and a mild snap.

Click here to buy Sylvetta Wild Arugula seed
Sylvetta Wild Arugula —This organic selection makes tongue-tingling winter salads. We love it with grated apple, lemon juice, and roasted walnuts. As an added bonus, it doesn’t bolt as quickly as salad arugula.

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