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September is the time to plant edible favas and overwintering peas. These cold-tolerant crops offer the extra bonus of fixing nitrogen in the garden soil.
Sweet Lorane favas are both delicious and nutritious beans, and the plants provide massive amounts of organic matter to nourish the soil. Planted now, they’ll produce their harvest in spring.  
For USDA growing zones 8 and warmer, where the lowest average temperature is 15º F, it’s time to plant overwintering peas! Try our Oregon Sugar Pod II snow pea for a delicious variety that is also frost resistant.
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Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea — A prolific producer, the mild-flavored broad pods frequently set in doubles. An Oregon State University development, Oregon Sugar Pod II is highly disease resistant.

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Sweet Lorane Fava Bean — Selected by Territorial in the mid-1980s from among hundreds in a USDA small seeded fava bean collection, Sweet Lorane was chosen especially for its hearty taste and cold tolerance.

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Inoculant will improve the growth and nitrogen-fixing ability of garden, field, and sweet peas, as well as beans, lima beans, fava beans, and vetch. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.

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