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September 2016
Good Earth Plant Company loves bringing you tips and news about plantscaping, green building, living walls and green roofs, sustainability, biophilia, and well-being, and innovations from around the world that bring nature into our urban environment.

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I started my career in the plant industry with a flower kiosk on the corner of 6th and B streets in downtown San Diego. And I've seen plenty of homeless people over the years, who hasn't? But I haven't given it a lot of thought. Recently I've noticed the increased attention to the problem and I'm one of those people now paying much more attention, and wondering what I might be able to do to help.
Ninety six percent of all homebuyers say they want their homes to be environmentally friendly. When you incorporate green principles into your remodeling project, you will use resources and choose materials wisely, minimize waste and protect our air and water quality. For every gallon of water you save, or hour of electricity use, you reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) escaping into our atmosphere.

Saving paper is one of the easiest ways to reduce our impact on the environment. By now you should be doing all the basics: not printing out documents unless you absolutely must, using both sides of the paper, paying bills online. We've got a few more tips that might be new to you.

If you are still trying to pry your kids away from the screens of their phones, tablets or laptops to enjoy outdoor activities during the summer and haven't been too successful, don't give up. Besides getting them out of your hair, getting your kids outside could improve their performance in school next year.

Surveys show natural light and plants are the two most desired elements by employees for their working areas. Not every company can go crazy like Amazon, but come on, would a little bit of nice interiorscaping kill you?
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