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August 2016
Good Earth Plant Company loves sharing the latest news and helpful information about plantscaping, green building, living walls and green roofs, sustainability, biophilia, and well-being, and innovations from around the world that bring nature into our urban environment.

As we tough out the warm weather, we have some hot tips for you to bring more Vitamin N - nature - into your life.  Check out our recent blog posts you may have missed here.
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San Diego is known for a lot of things. Comic-Con. Craft beer. Green building. Yes, the City of San Diego and the state of California as a whole are policy leaders when it comes to setting goals for using water and energy wisely and in sustainable ways, which includes encouraging green building. Business can benefit from biophilic design and thinking. Learn more at an upcoming conference September 16.
I've worked around plants all my life and had plenty of conversations around them, in front of them, and with them. I never had one answer me in words, which is a good thing because I probably would have freaked out. Particularly after threatening a difficult plant with a trip to the compost pile! But words are not the only way living beings communicate.

NASA's original list of top air filtering plants is still one of our key reference tools. People spend the majority of their time (90 percent!) indoors, and during hot summer days they stay inside even more because of air conditioning. So you NEED these!

Human beings have solved many of their toughest challenges by looking around them to the natural world for solutions. You may have heard the term "bionics," even if it was only in the old "Bionic Woman" TV show. It's for real.There are promising developments in bionics to provide solutions to problems like global warming.
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