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May 2016
Good Earth Plant Company loves sharing the latest news and helpful information about plantscaping, green building, living walls and green roofs, sustainability, biophilia, and well-being, and innovations from around the world that bring nature into our urban environment.

The arrival of Spring in San Diego inspired many of our recent blog posts. In case you missed any of them, we've put together a recap for you here. 
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There is no reason we can't make San Diego a leader in the field of biophilia, the bond between people and nature. We successfully created a biotechnology hub here; I'm confident we can create the same kind of biophilia hub too.
Sometimes when you live in San Diego, you don't take notice of the change in seasons. It's not all that obvious when we move from spring to summer. But if you look, you will find new growth and flowers that only bloom this time of year.

What we are finding out as individuals is confirmed through social science: the more we acquire and consume, the unhappier we are. The more we live a sustainable life connected to nature, the more happiness we generate.

My daily mission is improving workplace interiors with plants and other design elements. The good news: more business owners understand their workspaces can improve the performance of their employees and provide a return on the investment.

If you sometimes feel tired in the middle of the afternoon at work, there is a surprising reason why it's happening. 

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