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Vriesea hieroglyphica

King Bromeliad

King Of Bromeliads
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Plant Facts

Scientific Name Vriesea hieroglyphica
Principal Common Name King Bromeliad
Common Name(s) King of Bromeliads
Description This bromeliad is noted for its large deep green leaves with bizarre, hieroglyph-like black transverse bands
General Comments In the garden it is best to keep it in a pot and just bury the pot in the garden soil.The leaves form a large tank for holding water, which must not be allowed to dry out. In warm weather the plant will appreciate frequent hosing or misting of its leaves, but water sparingly during colder weather. Fertilizing is not really necessary, and if done use a soluble fertilizer at no more than half the recommended dosage. Once a year, in summer, the plant should be flushed out with fresh water and then refilled.
Nativity Southern Brazil
Height Range 1 - 0 M
Spread Range 1 - 0 M
Flower Showy Y
Sunset Zones 22 : 23 : 24
USDA Zones
Leaf Color Deep Green with purple to black patterned bans
Leaf Texture Glossy : Leathery : Stiff
Form Epiphyte
Flower Color Yellow : Yellow-Green
Flower Time
Ease of Growing
Light Preferences
Soil Preferences
Watering Preferences
Outstanding Features

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