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Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) - Monthly Plant Care Calendar www.themulch.com/care-guides/perennials/57-care-gu… … get these sent to you each... Show more

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Milkweed: Sow and Grow Guide: shrsl.com/1mvta Excellent article about which milkweed grows where and details how to grow it from Botanical Interests... Show more

Can't remember the names of your plants? Now You Can Use Our 'Tag a Plant' Feature For Your Plant Photos!... Show more

Use Our 'Tag a Plant' Feature For Your Plant Photos

Tag your plant photos instead of your friends. Find people who are interested in the plants you grow.

Plant Recommendations: Butterfly Plants For Southern California www.themulch.com/articles/plant-recommendations/29… … by Steve Brigham. #gardening... Show more

Butterfly Plants - Southern California

Plant recommendations for Butterfly Plants in the garden from Steve Brigham for southern California as seen on www.theMulch.com.

Plant Care Recommendations - Perennials - Sunset Zone 24 - simply click a button and we'll send you reminders each month for your plants!... Show more

Plant Care Recommendations - Perennials - Sunset Zone 24

Find Regional Plant Care Reminders for Perennials in Sunset Zone 24. Use these monthly reminders to create your personal plant care calendar!

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