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Can't remember the names of your plants? Now You Can Use Our 'Tag a Plant' Feature For Your Plant Photos!... Show more

Use Our 'Tag a Plant' Feature For Your Plant Photos

Tag your plant photos instead of your friends. Find people who are interested in the plants you grow.

Mitch shared a photo. 4 weeks ago

Want to grow Arugula? Now's a great time in southern California! Here are monthly reminders from Sandiegoseed on just how to #grow it... Show more

Plant Recommendations: Butterfly Plants For Southern California www.themulch.com/articles/plant-recommendations/29… … by Steve Brigham. #gardening... Show more

Butterfly Plants - Southern California

Plant recommendations for Butterfly Plants in the garden from Steve Brigham for southern California as seen on www.theMulch.com.

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Two lucky winners will win one $50 gift certificate from Easy To Grow Bulbs! It's free and easy to Enter!... Show more

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Plant Poppies in the Fall for great flowers in the Spring! shrsl.com/151dh @BotanicalSeed #gardening #plants #flowers

Plant Care Recommendations - Perennials - Sunset Zone 24 - simply click a button and we'll send you reminders each month for your plants!... Show more

Plant Care Recommendations - Perennials - Sunset Zone 24

Find Regional Plant Care Reminders for Perennials in Sunset Zone 24. Use these monthly reminders to create your personal plant care calendar!

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