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Passiflora (Passion Vine) Plant Care Reminders by Julie Bawden-Davis - now's a good time to buy plants in bloom and plant them when the soil is... Show more

Passiflora spp (Passion Vine) Monthly Plant Care Reminders

Monthly regional plant care reminders by gardening expert Julie Bawden-Davisto create your own personalized gardening to-do list on theMulch.com for free.

Stag Horn Ferns (Platyceriums) - Monthly Plant Care Calendar www.themulch.com/care-guides/ferns/75-care-guides/… … from @WalterAndersens - these can be sent to... Show more

Stag Horn Ferns (Platyceriums) - Monthly Plant Care Calendar

Monthly plant care reminders for Stag Horn ferns (Platyceriums) in southern California from Walter Andersen.

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Star Jasmine Plant Care Reminders www.themulch.com/plantcare-information … Plant in full sun/partial shade, in well-drained soil. As a ground cover plants may be spaced 3-5 feet... Show more

Can't remember the names of your plants? Now You Can Use Our 'Tag a Plant' Feature For Your Plant Photos!... Show more

Use Our 'Tag a Plant' Feature For Your Plant Photos

Tag your plant photos instead of your friends. Find people who are interested in the plants you grow.

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