• My Mulch Profile

  • Gardening Ability
    4 - Experienced
  • My 5 favorite plants are
    Hostas,lavender, million bells, daisy's and sunflower
  • What is a garden myth you hear frequently which you know is untrue?
    Adding Plant Food and Fertilizer is All You Need.
  • And, what is the reality?
    There are some out there who insist that all you need to do is add plant food and fertilizer to the soil before planting, maybe fertilizing during the growing season, and that is it. While this would grow some plants, it wouldn’t be as good as it can be and eventually, the food and fertilizer will not be enough. Soil needs fresh organic material to break down and replenish nutrients. Adding fertilizer alone isn’t enough.
  • What is your favorite gardening outfit or costume?
    Garden overall's
  • What is the one question about gardening you would really like people to ask you?
    Why I garden
  • And what's the answer?
    I garden because I grew up with always having some kind of flowers or veggie garden in our yard. my mom loved to garden and she taught me how to garden and how wonderful it is to see things grow from seed and become something beautiful and something yummy to eat.
  • Who is your own favorite gardening personality on TV, radio or in print? Why?
    Garden Answer dont know the girls name in videos
  • Do you have a gardening philosophy you would like to share with other gardeners? What is it?
    Always try new things and change up your garden offen
  • If you could grow only one plant, what would it be?
  • What plant have you tried to grow that has given you the most trouble? Or, what plant would you like to grow and can't, and why?
    petunias, I would like to grow hydrangeas Live in a condo and only have containers to grow in. I have tried growing one with no luck.
  • What is your favorite time in the garden?
    Early morning before the sun gets its hottest
  • What is your favorite color in the garden?
    blues and purples pinks
  • What is your favorite place or activity in the garden?
    My back porch and love taking care of my flowers
  • What is your favorite public or private garden in the world? Why?
    Would have to be Deer creek nursery and the birds and the bees
  • What individual has influenced your gardening interest the most? How?
    My Mom she taught me how to garden very early she loved it
  • Gardening Dilemmas
  • What do you dislike most about gardening?
    deadheading my flowers
  • What do you like most about gardening?
    all of but deadheading
  • Favorite Nursery
    The Birds & the Bees
  • Gender
  • Cat or Dog person
    Dog Person
  • What is your Garden Test Score?
    16-20 Very Good
  • Education

  • College / University
    4 years masters in nursing retired RN
  • Birthday
  • Favorite Quote
    The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul. – Alfred Austin
  • About me
    I am married to the mayor of our great city woodvillage and love to read scrapbook and garden
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