• Gardening Background

  • Biographical Information
    Grew up gardening in Montreal, spent some time in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, then several years in Manchester, UK, then Vancouver,BC. Biggest garden was a couple of acres in Wakefield Quebec. Smallest, but most challenging garden is the one I have now. I refer to myself as a shoehorn gardener...always trying to shoehorn one more plant into my small space!
  • My Mulch Profile

  • Gardening Ability
    4 - Experienced
  • What is your favorite public or private garden in the world? Why?
    Tough question. Visit botanical gardens everywhere I go and always fall in love with the one I’m visiting. I guess I am fickle.
  • Gardening Dilemmas
    Dry shade, all around! Love the trees because we have very hot summers, but now that they are all big, I have had to transition to dry shade gardening. Tricky in zone 4b, choice can be limited.
  • What do you dislike most about gardening?
    Having to wait until spring.
  • What do you like most about gardening?
    Being outside and creating beauty.
  • Favorite Nursery
    Make it Green Garden Centre, Flewellyn Road,Ottawa
  • Cat or Dog person
    Both Cat and Dog
  • What is your Garden Test Score?
    21-27 Excellent
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