• Gardening Background

  • Biographical Information
    Please see my Expert profile page for the answers to the following questions. Thank!
  • My Mulch Profile

  • Website
  • Occupation
    Native Landscape Contractor
  • Gardening Ability
    6 - Gardening Professional
  • My 5 favorite plants are
    Salvia clevelandii - Cleveland Sage
    Arctostaphylos hookeri x pajaroensis 'Sunset' - Suset Manzanita
    Rhamnus californica "San Bruno" - dwarf coffeeberry
    Ceanothus 'Concha' - concha wild lilac
    Leymus 'Canyon Prince' - Blue wild rye
  • Company/Organization
    California's Own Native Landscape Design, Inc.
  • Favorite Nursery
    Las Pilitas Nursery
  • Cat or Dog person
    Cat Person
  • Education

  • Favorite Quote
    "Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it"
  • Interests
    Native gardening, flying, eating

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