• Gardening Background

  • Biographical Information
    Masters Degree in Horticulture from the University of California at Davis
  • My Mulch Profile

  • Occupation
  • Gardening Ability
    6 - Gardening Professional
  • My 5 favorite plants are
    Pomegranate trees
    Plum trees
    Grapevines, table grapes
  • What individual has influenced your gardening interest the most? How?
    Dr. Kay Ryugo, professor of pomology at UC Davis
    He was very supportive during my undergraduate and graduate studies at the UCD Pomology Department during the early 1970's.
    He helped me understand the interrelationships between fruit development and wood growth, between shoot vigor and pruning intensity. Without his insights I would not understand the pruning requirements of different fruiting species and that fact that the fruitfulness of a deciduous species determines how severely it should be pruned.
  • What do you like most about gardening?
    I enjoy training, shaping, and pruning deciduous fruit trees.
  • Education

  • Interests
    harp music

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