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troubled echinacea

08 Apr 2008 04:35 #976 by flowermama83
flowermama83 created the topic: troubled echinacea
I live in zone 9a and my echinacea purpurea are doing very poorly. I started them from seed a couple weeks ago but they're still only about an inch tall seedlings that appear to not be flourishing or doing well. They are much smaller than my other plants that I started at the same time. Any advice on how to save them? Can I put them in full sun?

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08 Apr 2008 13:59 #979 by sister_2004
sister_2004 replied the topic: Re:troubled echinacea
I started my echinacea sunday but i started them from bulbs. Any way the package said they required full sun. I don't know if this was just for bulbs or not. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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02 Jun 2008 09:14 #1044 by Anniesmith
Anniesmith replied the topic: Re:troubled echinacea
Yes - this is considered a full-sun plant, at least here in the Midwest.

I have never tried echinacea from seed; some of my gardening friends around here managed to convince me that it's easier to start with small plants in the spring.

They have told me that sometimes the germination rate for these seeds isn't that great. Part of the problem may be the fact that most people try to plant the seed in the spring after it's been stored in its little seed packet all winter.

Apparently you get better germination if you sow the seeds in the fall, barely covering them up. Echinacea is one of those plants whose seeds like a cooling period before they grow, just like it would happen in nature.

The plants I've grown have always given me fits their first few weeks after being transplanted from their little nursery pots. I've had several I was sure were going to die, but after a few weeks they snapped out of it and now are flourishing.

Once they've made it through a couple of growing seasons, mine will readily reseed and I will end up with more plants than I need. I honestly don't know if they'll do that for you in Zone 9 or not.

Anybody else that far south have experience with echinacea?

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12 Mar 2009 06:14 #1452 by mrsmith
mrsmith replied the topic: Re:troubled echinacea
This totally explains my trouble with growing them from seeds also. I bought the seed so I was pretty sure it was good. Would it help to place in the freezer or refrig for a few days or weeks? I know that helps with peach pits and apple seeds.

I am thinking it might be easier to find someone with established plants and dig some.

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