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Repotting Queen Palms

09 Feb 2014 10:14 #2396 by susiewinters
susiewinters created the topic: Repotting Queen Palms
Can I prune the roots of a Queen Palm that is in a big container. It's about 12ft, I planted it in a pot a few years ago. Is it possible to keep them that size and in a pot.


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05 Mar 2014 14:58 #2399 by walter
walter replied the topic: Re:Repotting Queen Palms
Queen Palms can be kept in containers for a while, but not forever, if you expect them to look good as they age. The problem is the roots need more room as the palm grows larger. You could take it out of the container and trim some of the roots, but I doubt it will help much. If you have one in say a 15 gallon container, it might look good up to about 10 feet tall, or so. But Palms keep on growing, you can't stop them. You can't 'prune' them back like other ornamentals or trees. In containers they start to look anemic and starved when they have outgrown the pot. Put it in a large box or in the ground when it starts to slow in growth.
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