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Kangaroo Paws Not Blooming

28 Jul 2012 18:46 #2231 by cgm707
cgm707 created the topic: Kangaroo Paws Not Blooming
My Kangaroo Paws bloomed briefly a few months ago, but nothing since. They never seem to bloom profusely any year, and they are all about 5 years old. I read they do not like to be fertilized, and I try to let them dry out before watering. They receive full-sun to part-sun. I am in San Diego.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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03 Aug 2012 23:57 #2233 by Julie Bawden-Davis
Julie Bawden-Davis replied the topic: Re:Kangaroo Paws Not Blooming
Kangaroo paw requires full sun, so I'm not sure how much shade the plants are receiving. It is possible because of the angle of the sun a few months ago that they were receiving more sun at that time. In order to re-bloom--which should occur from late spring into fall--Kangaroo paw also requires that you cut the spent flower stalks completely to the ground. Did you do that after the bloom you had a few months ago? If not, that might be the reason why they haven't re-bloomed. They also require sandy soil or well-drained clay soil, and not over-watering them is a good idea, although you also don't want to drought them. In the warm months, like now, water when the top 2 inches of soil has dried out. You are right; they don't require a lot of fertilizer, but because you are experiencing problems with flowering, I would fertilize once with an organic food with a low NPK--such as 5-5-5 or 10-5-10. Kangaroo paw does not do well with excessive amounts of phosphorus, which is the second number. They also like things on the acidic side--so 6.3-6.8. Your soil may be alkaline--7.0 and above. If you do everything mentioned here and are still coming up short on flowers, do a test of the soil around the kangaroo paw. Get a soil pH test kit from the nursery and follow the directions. If you discover that the soil is alkaline, amend with soil sulfur according to package directions to acidify the soil. Wait 7 to 10 days and retest the soil. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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