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Any remedies against pests

08 Jun 2018 00:21 #2483 by AlmaWalker
AlmaWalker created the topic: Any remedies against pests
Being a first-time veggie gardener, I do have some questions, hoping someone can help me with replies. I am planning to visit a nearby plant nursery ( stwilliamsnursery.com/#sthash.yJKWA01f.dpbs ) to collect some native seeds that suit our climate here in Ontario. I am little confused with the space for gardening. Is it possible to grow vegetables in containers or in bottles, for those who do not have any place other than their terrace or open tops? I read articles regarding its possibility. There is a small veggie collection in my open tops. But pests eat around the edges of my plants which makes me disappointed to grow more veggies.
I suspect the birds. They had already decimated two of my 4 lettuce seedlings of which I stretched cotton thread across the top of them to scare them off. Before planting new plants, I should know the remedies against pests. Also, I would like to know which set of plant suits for a beginner in gardening. Any bit of help is appreciated.

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13 Oct 2018 04:05 #2494 by TonyBrooks
TonyBrooks replied the topic: Any remedies against pests
Gardening is a delightful hobby. Salad greens(lettuce, spinach, arugula and corn salad), radishes, green beans or sweet potatoes are some of the best garden crops for the beginners. Using organic pest control methods are best. Some of the tips are:

- Actively monitor your garden so you identify pest problems early.

- Plant strategically so you can attract your pests predators.

- Use organic pesticides only when other pest control techniques have failed.

If these methods fail and it becomes impossible to control the garden pests it is always advisable to consult pest exterminator for the help. They have the required knowledge and experience to identify the pests and do the required solution to get rid of them forever. They also give tips which are very useful in keeping our plants protected.

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