With our Regional Monthly Plant Care System you can use other experts' Plant Care Knowledge to easily create your own Monthly Plant Care Calendar!

Home gardeners can say this is where I live, and these are the plants I have then in turn get plant care advice sent directly to your personal profile page, so then you can simply check your Monthly Plant Care any time, day or night, to see what you should be doing in your garden. See when to Buy a Plant, Fertilize, Prune, Harvest, Transplant and all sorts of other important tasks, automatically, year round.

It's an easy way for members of the Mulch to communicate with your friends who are also members of the Mulch.

All you do is find a friend who's also a member of the Mulch, ask them to connect to you and once they agree you're connected!  Once connected you show up on their "My Connections" list and you can easily send them private messages or e-mails. The more "connections" the better!  For instance you may want to connect to everyone in your garden club or your neighborhood. All of your connections can be seen on your Member Profile page (which is pretty cool!).  Another great feature is you can see how, and if, and by how many degrees of separation you're connected to other members.

Both parties have to agree to be connected, and you can remove a connection at anytime.To connect to someone new, first log into the Mulch community, then click on "Member List", find a friend you'd like to connect to, click on their name, go to their “My Menu” tab, then click "Request Connection".  They will either accept or deny.  If they accept you're then officially connected! 

To manage your connections you just go to your member profile page, click the "Options" tab, click on "Manage Your Connections" and you have all sorts of options to play with.

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