Penstemon - Penstemon spp.: Its easy and loves the desert.  So many varieties.

Penstemon superbus

Catmint - Nepeta spp: Because it blooms three times, is the first bloomer in the spring, and the last to freeze.  The bees like it, it brings butterflies, and nothing eats it.  It spreads nicely and it's beautiful with mounds of blue flowers.

Nepeta 'Walkers Low'

Soapwort - Saponaria officinalis: It is pink and hardy in this area, and easy to grow, like catmint.

Autumn Joy Sedum - Sedum telephium 'Autumn Joy': It loves it here, and grows well.

Yarrow (any variety) - Achillea spp.: It is drought resistant, pretty and easy.

Achillea millefolium

Columbine (any variety) - Aquilegia spp.: It adds interest to the garden.

Aquilegia hybrida 'Origami'