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 Marcie Forsberg's Top Plant Recommendations: Favorite Sun Perennials.

Marcie Forsberg

Hyssop - Agastache foeniculum
Native to my area, this plant has a lovely blue, spiky flower with an anise fragrance.  Insects love it, deer hate it.  Beautiful en masse, or as a specimen, it is tough, has a long flowering time, uses little irrigation, and I have seen no problems with disease or insects.  'Blue Fortune' is my favorite cultivar.
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Catmint - Nepeta 'Walker's Low'
In MN, where Lavender does not grow reliably, this is the perfect substitution.  Perfect for a low edging, this plant is drought tolerant, fragrant, and blooms all summer if cut back once or twice during the season.  The bees love this plant, and the deer won't eat!
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Nepeta Walker's Low

Talus Slope Penstemon - Penstemon digitalis
Another MN native, this spring flowering foxglove-looking flower, is gorgeous in bloom, especially when planted en masses.  Bees and hummingbirds love this flower.  It is tough, low in water use, survives in a variety of soil conditions.  My favorite cultivar is 'Husker's Red' for it's reddish foliage.  Deer won't eat this.
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Monarda didyma 'Raspberry Wine'
Very easy to grow, tough plant for a dry or wet area.  Gorgeous raspberry colored, long lasting flower, that is very popular with bees and hummingbirds.  Will fill in an area nicely, may require some thinning from time to time.  Deer won't eat this.
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Allium glaucum
This ornamental onion is low with silvery foliage and a lavender colored pom-pom like flower.  Very nice for a low edging plant.  Very drought tolerant and popular with the insects.  Deer won't eat this.

Eupatorium purpureum
Also known as Joe Pye, this plant is tall, gorgeous and tough.  Great for the back of the border, Joe Pye is a butterfly magnet.  This native in MN is easy to grow and requires little care.  And the deer don't like it!  My favorite cultivar is 'Gateway'.
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