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These plants grow throughout the Midwest as well.  

Black and blue salvia - Salvia guarantica
Although hummingbirds are known to love red flowers, this sage is a frequent stop for the tiny birds. Bright blue flowers surrounded by black bracts on fresh green foliage make for an attractive alternative to the usual hummingbird blooms. This sage is perennial in tropical climates.
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Salvia guaranitica

Bee balm - Monarda
Shaggy flowers in red, purple or pink are a sure-fire way to attract hummingbirds. A member of the mint family, it can be aggressive in moist soils. As the name says, bees love them too.
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Coral bells - Heuchera
Heucheras come in a wide variety of foliage colors nowadays. Old-fashion coral bells with tiny red flowers are the best for hummingbirds. A good spring bloomer for early hummingbirds.
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Heucera Coral Bells Silver Scrolls

Foxglove - Digitalis
The statuesque blooms of foxglove offer the tubular shape flowerets that hummingbirds often prefer. Foxgloves are a natural for shady woodland landscapes.
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Digitalis spp.

Jewelweed - Impatiens capensis
A native wildflower with a petite yellow-orange flower. It is often considered a weed. I allow it to grow wild on the edges of my garden. The funnel shape flowers are a perfect shape from which the hummingbird can siphon nectar.
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Trumpet creeper - Campsis radicans
A fast-growing vine that blooms in trumpet-shaped flowers of orange, yellow and now a sunset-color variety. Great for camouflaging fences and unsightly walls while attracting hummingbirds.
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