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Clea Danaan's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Trees for Colorado and Western Mountains and Plains.

 Clea Danaan

Paper Bark Birch - Betula papyrifera
Colorado is known for its aspens, but aspens don't grow well at the city's altitude (Denver). White birch make a nice substitute. Their lacy leaves soothe the eyes and ears while their white bark makes a lovely accent.
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Hawthorn Tree - Crateagus spp
The red berries last all winter, providing food for birds. The fall colour is warming and peaceful. Hawthorn is said to either attract or repel fairies.
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Juniper Tree - Juniperus spp
There are a wide variety of junipers, used ornamentally and for privacy. They use very little water once established. They do need to be kept trimmed or they get nasty. The magic of juniper includes protection, so they make a good plant for the front yard. You can also harvest the berries for spicing fowl.
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Edible Apple Tree - Malus x domestica
Growing our own fruits is important - saves money, connects us with the seasons more deeply, and is fun. Apple is a good choice in a small yard. We have a tree with four or five varieties grafted on.
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