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Edible Fig - Ficus carica
I love fresh figs and they too delicate for most markets. I'd suggest 'Mission' as a long time standby and excellent performer. I also love the larger white fig 'Genoa' for coastal and coastal valley gardens.
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Anna Apple - Malus pumila 'Anna'
Most apple varieties need a colder winter, but Anna is reliable near the coast because it requires a minimum of chilling and still has a crisp flavorful fruit.
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Plum - Prunus armeniaca
Rejoice, much of the country can't grow these delicious sweet gems. We have many varieties available, including 'Aprigold', 'Snowball', 'Newcastle'. 'Golden Amber' is a good variety for home eating because it blooms over a month long period and the fruit ripens over a long period, as well. This is a short lived tree, so don't expect more than about four good seasons of production. Nonetheless, it's well worth it.
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Morello Cherry - Prunus cerasus 'Morello'
This one is iffy, but it is the lowest chill cherry (shortest number of chill hours) and it has set fruit at the base of Point Loma in a cool winter. It is a sour cherry and is self-fertile. So what the heck, give it a try if you really have to grow cherries, but just know that if you want production and reliability, get some property in Julian, make sure it gets regular deep-watering and try to beat the birds to the fruit. Another alternative is a close relative Prunus campanulata commonly called Taiwan cherry. I haven't grown it but it's an early flowering species from Asia.
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Peaches & Nectarines - Prunus persica
Peaches and Nectarines. Many varieties are well adapted to Southern California gardens, it just depends on your preference. A nectarine is just a smooth skinned peach, but they tend to be even sweeter. Be sure to read the care tag and make certain that the variety you select has a low number of chilling hours and don't let the tree dry out while the fruit is forming.
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About the Author
Author: Lucy
Lucy Warren is a longtime regional gardening professional in southern California. She has written for many local and national publications, including a regular gardening column in the San Diego Union-Tribune. She has also been editor for California Garden magazine. She is a life-member of the San Diego Horticulture Society, a UCCE Master Gardener, and a horticulture chair on the board of Friends of Balboa Park. She is a sought-after speaker and expert on native plants and sustainable landscaping.
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