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Taylor Murphy's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Carnivorous Plants for Southern California. 

 Taylor Murphy

Pitcher Plant - Darlingtonia californica
What can I say? I like bizzarre plants: Only carnivorous plant native to California. Native to Northern California and Oregon, growing in bogs and creeks with running water. First discovered in Mount Shasta by by the botanist William D. Brackenridge in 1841.
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Venus Flytrap - Dionaea muscipula
The Venus Fly Trap produces a short fleshy leaf that carries a modified tip that forms two sides of the trap, each side contains three hairs which when touched two to three times causes the two sides to spring shut in a very rapid motion fast enough to catch flies and other insects. The leaf once closed then exudes a series of enzymes that slowly dissolve the internal juices of the insect and hence supply the plant with food. After a few days the trap re-opens leaving the skeleton of the insect. Everyone as a kid was fascinated with these.
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