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Andy Maycen's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Salvias Southern California.

 Andy Maycen

African Brown Sage - Salvia africana-lutea 'Kirstenbok'
Large dark brown flowers on a compact silver plant.
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Salvia gesneriiflora 'Mt. form'
Long bloom season, dwarf habit compared to species.
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Anise-scented Sage - Salvia guaranitica 'Van Remsen'
It has a great upright habit.
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Raspberry Truffle Mexican Sage - Salvia mexicana 'Raspberry Truffle'
Best colored winter, spring bloomer for those who like plum and violet and black.
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Salvia wagneriana 'White Bract'
Hands down the most beautiful winter blooming salvia.
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Marine Blue Germander Sage - Salvia x.'Marine Blue'
Blooms year round, small habit and drought tolerant.
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