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Andy Maycen's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Salvia - Best Flower for Southern California.

Andy Maycen

Guanajuata Gentian Sage - Salvia patens 'Guanajuato'
Best blue flowering cultivated plant that can be grown in Southern California.
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Sacred Incan Sage - Salvia dombeyi
Clusters of 4 to 5 inch long by 2 inch wide red flowers hang from a semi vining plant with apple green foliage.
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Raspberry Truffle Mexican Sage - Salvia mexicana 'Raspberry Truffle'
18 to 20 inch wands of large berry colored flowers held in dark purplish brown to black bracts, apple to lime green foliage with dark stems.
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Two Tone Sage - Salvia microphylla 'Two Tone'
Red, pink and purple on an everblooming compact easy care plant.
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