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Jan Brider's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Miniature Roses - A Class of Their Own for Southern California.

Jan Brider

Rosa hybrid 'Baby Grand' Miniature
This little charmer has the characteristics of an old fashioned rose. The blooms are quartered and a perfect pink color. 30 to 35 petals make it a very full bloom. The plant is compact and bushy.
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Rosa hybrid 'Black Jade' Miniature
The darkest red almost black at times. Best color is the buds Height 18 to 24 inches long stem pointed buds. Vigorous bush
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Rosa hybrid 'Denvers Dream' Miniature
Copper Orange with a red reverse. When I saw it I had to have it!. Small bushy plant full of these uniquely colored blooms
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Rosa hybrid 'Gizmo' Miniature
Scarlet orange with a white center. 14 to 20 inches well rounded bush full of the cute little blooms. It has a mild apple scent. Put it in a happy place!
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Rosa hybrid 'Jeanne Lajoie' Climbing Miniature
I have two of these on a Arbor and it is breathtaking entry to my garden. Jeanne is a vigorous bloomer and fast grower. The color is a lovely pink and always in bloom.
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Rosa hybrid 'Rainbow's End' Climbing Miniature
Deep yellow blushing to orange red blooms make this a charmer. It comes in a climbing form and it is a show stopper. It is one of the best always blooming and no two blooms are the same with the range of the colors.
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