Jan Brider

Amaryllis beladonna
A friend gave me a bulb that she called the Naked lady and every year the leaves die back and a beatiful pink lily blooms on my birthday reminding me of my friend.
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Gladiolus spp
I remember my Grandmothers and had to have them in my garden. They return every years and make a nice background for the roses. I have many colors and they bloom later in the summer so always something different blooming in the garden.
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Gladiolus spp

Hemerocallis spp
We were driving though Georgetown NC on a rainy spring day and saw the sign for Roycroft Daylily nursery. I had no idea they came in any color than yellow. Diploids, Tetraploids ( the difference is the number of chromosomes (really) . Some are even re-bloomers. They look great with my roses.
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Hemerocallis 'Regency Dandy'

Hippeastrum spp
I started with one little bulb many years ago and now I have a great display of the red and white spring blooms.
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Iris spp
I brought my first one home from a trip to Arkansas and planted it the garden and forgot about it. The next year it multiplied and bloomed. Some bloom only once in a season and some bloom spring and fall. I have added a few more colors and they never disappoint me.
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Iris douglasiana escalona

Tulipa spp - Tulips
You know what they are but consider this - I plant them in plastic pots and then after I prune the roses, I plant the pots. When they bloom the roses are bare and they add color to the garden. When they want to die back, I remove the pots and put them away to store the sugar into the bulbs and rest for next year.
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Zantadeschia spp
My husband loves these and they also bring life to my dormant winter garden. When it gets to hot they don't look good so I cut them back. They make great cut flowers and a stunning pictures. They come in many sizes and colors other than the normal white one. The also spread easily so don't over plant.
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Zantadeschia spp

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