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Connie Beck's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Vines for Southern California. 

Connie Beck

Passiflora spp - Passion Vine
The right variety of passionflower (P. incarnata and P. caerulea) will bring Gulf Frittilary butterflies to your garden. These passionflowers are aggressive vines which will cover an ugly chainlink fence very quickly, and the flowers are beautiful. The caterpillars will only eat the leaves, not the flowers, and usually you can't even see the leaf damage as the foliage is so thick.
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Vitis californica 'Roger's Red' - Roger's Red Grape
This native California grape is gorgeous in the autumn when the leaves turn a stunning burgundy color. The birds and foxes love the wild grapes as well. This is a great plant to put on a pergola or a fence, requiring almost no care and very little water to thrive.
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