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Agathis australis
A great tree with beautiful foliage. Very uncommon in San Diego but grows very well here.
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Agonis flexuosa
It's a great medium sized tree that is easy to grow, very clean, and has a beautiful dense weeping canopy.
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Araucaria spp
Great trees with interesting foliage. They can have a great pre-historic look to them as well.
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Cinnamomum camphorum
Great tree beautiful color of foliage large canopy. Very stately when mature.
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Sequoia sempervirens
A beautiful tree that I think many people overlook in San Diego because of the water requirement they can be thirsty! They look awsome especially in multiple plantings. Because we don't get the rain they do up north they don't get overpoweringly huge either.
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Tipuana tipu
It's a great tree! Fast growing but not really brittle like Eucalyptus. It sheds its foliage but only briefly, nice yellow flower. It has a HUGE canopy that is great for shading a yard.
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