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Ken Andersen's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite "Must Haves" for the Garden.

Ken Andersen

Bayer Chemicals
A true market innovator they have surpassed Ortho as the leader in garden chemicals. Bayer All in One for Roses is hands down the best systemic rose care product on the market.

Cold Beer
Doesn't matter what kind so much as long as its cold. Its refreshing when working in the garden or just relaxing in it!

Felco shears
I have several pairs and there is not a finer shear on the market in my opinion. Being left handed their left handed shears are a god send.

Gro Power Fertilizer
Lots of it, use it all the time on everything. 

Plants from Monrovia Nursery
The best product on the market. They make the mundane look amazing! Who would have thought we could sell Eugenia's for $39.99 in a 5 gallon can? We sell all that we can get from Monrovia, that's how good their quality is!

You have to have a good one! Don't buy cheap tools you will be better off in the long run. Always consider adding a balling spade to your tool shed, that are incredibly handy to have around.


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