Walter Andersen

Agonis flexuosa
Another evergreen tree that does not get too large. Looks like a weeping willow, but stays green and not so large. Has small blooms that may or may not sow much, it is the shape of the tree that makes it a winner. Additional Details

Cassia leptophylla
Nice evergreen tree for most yards. Large clusters of very bright yellow blooms in summer, no pests that I am aware of. Additional Details

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
A beautiful variety of Red Bud that is some larger growing than the two above. This is a deciduous tree, that has small deep pink blooms in spring followed by spectacular almost heart-shaped burgundy leaves that are about 4-5 inches in diameter. May be difficult to find but worth the search. Additional Details

Cinnamomun camphorum
Nice evergreen tree with shiny leaves to about 3 inches long. New growth is bronze, turning to green. It is kind of slow growing but can get fairly large in time. With some pruning it can be kept to almost any size. Nice looking tree. Insignificant bloom. Additional Details

Ficus Benjamina
If it is planted in the right place it is a really nice tree with shiny foliage. I would keep it away from walks and be sure the "berry" (actually small figs) are not going to be a problem. If you get them on your shoes and walk on a nice carpet, someone may get upset. But it is a really pretty tree and dense growing, so it could potentially hide something unsightly. In time they can get fairly large to maybe 30' but they can be trimmed to about any size, they can even be "hedged" if you like. Additional Details

Ginkgo biloba
If you like something a little different, this may be your tree. They are deciduous with bright golden colors in the fall. The leaves are an unusual shape, sort of a 'fan. Maiden Hair Tree, named after the Maiden Hair Fern, the leaf is very similar, but much larger. Try to find a male tree; Autumn Gold is the most popular. Seedlings are unpredictable and female trees can be messy. One of the very best trees for fall color in our area that most home owners can have. Additional Details

Melaleuca leucadendron
Named for the white papery bark, very popular in this area. Fairly fast growing to about 40 feet tall but can be kept to 10 feet if you wish. Evergreen with creamy 'bottle brush-like' blooms. Often planted in clumps of three or four trees to form a 'multiple trunk' effect, but looks just as good as a single trunk tree. Additional Details