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Evelyn Alemanni's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Roses for Southern California. 

Evelyn Alemanni

Rosa hybrid 'Graham Thomas'
Large, yellow cabbage shaped flowers. Climber. Prolific bloomer and looks very romantic.
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Graham Thomas Rose

Rosa hybrid 'Iceberg'
Climbing and shrub. Great all purpose rose, prolific bloomer, very disease resistant.
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 Iceberg Rose

Rosa hybrid 'Ingrid Bergman'
Vigorous grower. Large, fragrant, red flowers.
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Ingrid Bergman Rose

Rosa hybrid 'Sunset Celebration'
Climber. Large orange flowers, very fragrant.
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Sunset Celebration Rose

Rosa hybrid 'Berries 'n' Cream'
Striped magenta and white flowers that grow in clusters. One stem will fill a vase. Fast grower.
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Rosa hybrid 'Flutterbye'
Very good bloomer. Variety of color in the flowers. Climber. Nice, shiny leaves. Very disease resistant.
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