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Evelyn Alemanni's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Fruit Trees for Southern California. 

Evelyn Alemanni

Casimiroa edulis 'Sue Belle'
Delicious fruit. But tree grows rather slowly.
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Citrus aurantifolia Mexican Lime
Fast growing, prolific. Branches can be used in bouquets.
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Citrus sinensis Naval Orange
Easy to grow and I love fresh orange juice.
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Citrus x tangelo 'Minneola'
Fast growing tree, prolific fruits from fall to spring. Delicious as fruit or juice.
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Ficus carica 'Panache'
This fig has yellow and green striped fruit that is beautiful and delicious. The tree grows quickly and bears prolifically.
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Prunus salicina 'Burgundy'
Good looking tree with beautiful white - pink flowers in spring. Fruit is firm and delicious.
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