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Evelyn Alemanni's Top Plant Recommendation: Favorite Bulbs for Southern California. 

Evelyn Alemanni

Amaryllis belladonna
These grow so fast from bulbs that you can almost watch them grow. They make very impressive cut flowers.
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Amaryllis belladona

Freesia spp
Fantastic fragrance. Probably the best smelling flower on the planet. Comes in all colors except green and blue. Great cut flower.
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Gladiolus spp
Lots of options for color and form. Bulbs multiply. Fairly trouble free, and staggered plantings allow for waves of bloom over a long time.
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Ranunculus spp
Wonderful spring cut flower. Lots of colors. Tecolote Giants are the best. The tubers can be dug up and replanted year after year.
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Ranunculus Fields in Carlbad California

Ranunculus spp

Scilla siberica
Delightful cut flower for spring. The best way to use it is to pull the stalk up and out of the bulb instead of cutting it. You'll be surprised at how long the stem is!
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