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Gardeners whose plants grow in containers but want to add cutting flowers to small spaces should check out the new dwarf Alstroemeria, Princess series. 

Gardeners will remember Alstroemeria, commonly called Peruvian lily, from the colorful flower arrangements at local florist shops.


Where To Plant Alstroemeria

The colorful blooms will last in a vase for approximately two weeks.  Outside these dwarf cultivars of Peruvian lily can be positioned in containers many gardens, however it does lack fragrance for a scented garden.  


Hardy in USDA zones (7b) 8 - 10(11) , Peruvian lilies can be grown as an annual elsewhere.  Plants grown on the fringes of zone 8 should be protected with an additional layer of mulch.  This plant thrives in dappled sun, in moist well draining soil, tolerates heat and humidity and appreciates light afternoon shade especially in warmer climates.  The Peruvian lilies will bloom from early summer to fall.

About The Princess Series

The Alstroemeria Princess series plants grow 10" - 14" tall. To maintain healthy plants, plant in containers at least 8" in diameter and 24" deep.  Where treated as a perennial in warmer climates, use larger sized pots.  The Princess series include:

  • Alstroemeria ‘Fabiana' that has variegated dark green with creamed colored margins.  The blooms are white, streaked with yellow and dots of dark red.
  • Alstroemeria ‘Isabella' with bold orange swaths over golden yellow on each petal.
  • Alstroemeria ‘Oxana' with black whiskers on yellow centers and burgundy petals.
  • Alstroemeria ‘Paola' that has wide strips of rosy pink running down the centers of each white petal.  Each flower has clusters of red and yellow petals in the center.

Companion Plants For Peruvian Lilies


Small space gardeners will find Peruvian Lilies easy to use.  Create a grouping by choosing one or two of the many colors in Peruvian lily flowers, grow similarly colored flowers in other pots and set among each other.  Dark or lime green tropical plants add a cool respite between pots planted with vibrant colors.  With all the sun coleus cultivars available, it is easy to choose plants that compliment the flower's colors and add variety to a garden.  


Writing garden stories remain Chris' passion and payment for life.  A native of Wisconsin, Chris now makes her home in Zone 5 of central Ohio.  She is a member of the Garden Writers Association and Perennial Plant Association. More of Chris' garden musings can be seen at her blog stayGardening.com.

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