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Sharing  Photos:

Sharing is one of the fun things about the Mulch. There a number of ways to share photos, the four most popular ways are:
1. Share a photo of a specific plant to our Plant Encyclopedia:
We love when people add their plant photos to the Plant Encyclopedia. We're always looking for more photos - so please feel free to upload as many as you'd like. You'll get all the proper credit and you'll retain your copyright (click here to see all the legal stuff).  

We have a detailed description of how to do this in our FAQ's section: Click Here To View


the-visitor.JPG2. Create a Personal Photo Gallery:
This is a fun way to show off your photos of gardening related things. As a member of the Mulch you can start your own photo gallery (and we encourage you to). This is your own area to share your photos, brag about your garden, ask for help or just put some fun photos up for everyone to see! It's also a good way to show work you've done as a professional or give a little tour of your nursery (or gardening related business).

How to Use it:

Three ways to get to the Member Galleries in the Navigation:
1. Hover over 'My Profile' - 'Things to Do' - then click 'Go To My Gallery'.
2. Hover over 'Community' - then click 'Member Galleries'.
3. Click 'My Profile', then click the 'My Galleries' tab and click 'Upload Now'.

All of these ways will land you on the 'Galleries' page. Click on the phrase - You have not created any album yet Create one now!  link which will take you to your personal gallery area. This is where you create galleries and upload photos.

Your photos will be shown in a gallery along with other members, and it even includes a cool little slide show. You're able to give a little description and other members will even be able to comment on how great it is!

Please Note: the first thing you should do is create a gallery, then add images to your gallery. Our new system is super easy to do, our gallery even automatically resizes your photos for you!


3. Share photos in a Blog

Don't be intimidated by the word "Blog", it's just a cyberspace word for sharing. Some people use it to write every little thing they're doing, some to give their point of view, some use it to promote their business, some to share recipes, some to stay in touch with others and some just to share photos. 

gloriosa-daisies_sm.JPGWriting a blog is very similar to writing an email, you open a window, write what you'd like and add any photos you'd like. The main difference between an email and a blog is a blog gets published for anyone to see. So it's sort of like putting a flyer or notecard on a bulletin board (it's very easy and we encourage you to do it)!

In the main menu hover your mouse over 'My Profile' - 'Things To Do'  then click 'Write A Blog'. This will take you to your personal blog page. Click on the 'Write New Entry' tab and you'll then it's just like writing an email.

If you'd like to add a photo you'll need to upload it first, then insert it. To upload the photo click on the words 'Images and document' and it will open a window where you can browse and upload the photo from your computer. Once the photo is uploaded you can place within the text of the blog. 

Tags: a tag is a one or two word description of your blog which we (the Mulch team) can display in different places so more people can get to your blog. Some people use the same Tag for everything to show it's from them.

Go For It!  


4. Share photos in the Forums

This is another great place to share photos.There areall sorts of different categories, so you can post photos to help illustrate a question you have, or ask for help identifying a plant, or bragging about your garden, or showing off your harvest (or anything else gardening related)!

Click here for details about Using the Forums (it's easy to do and it's a great resource).

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