Winter is rapidly approaching and those with vegetable gardens will need to be prepared to deal with the cold weather.

Winter months can chill plants and kill any green life outdoors. There are vegetables that can be grown in the cool weather as well as fertilizer that is specifically designed for this often unforgiving time of year. Knowing what the best fertilizers for winter are and which vegetables can grow during this time of year can keep a garden fresh and productive. Some fertilizers can be custom made for those that are very serious about gardening and do not want to use anything that is pre-packaged.

It is important to know which vegetables are in season in the winter. Beets, broccoli, rapini, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery and chicories are typical winter vegetables. These vegetables thrive in the cooler weather and usually start the fall growing season. When the season starts in fall, it will end in spring, with a few exceptions for vegetables like cauliflower, which can be grown all year. Preparing the soil and using proper fertilizer is important to get the best vegetables. Some winter vegetables are grown in the coldest months. Kale and cabbage that are grown in colder weather are often sweeter than in other times of year. Once the gardener has selected which vegetables to plant, the garden will need to be prepared for winter growing.

Once the summer vegetables are all harvested, it is important to clean up the garden area first. Next, the soil will need to be tilled. This step should be done before the ground gets hard or the tilling will take much longer. The next step is to plant the chosen vegetables. It is important to use fertilizer when planting as it provides specific nutrients that plants need during their growth while also assisting in balancing the pH in the soil that will result in healthy, productive plants.

Winter fertilizers in pre-packaged formulas are available as well as organic fertilizer for those that prefer that method. However, in order to achieve the highest impact on the vegetables the gardener is trying to grow, custom made mixes are a good choice. These mixes are designed specifically for each type of vegetable, rather than a mix designed to help all winter plants in general, which is why custom mixes often provide the best results.

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