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We're looking for win-win relationships with Gardening Professionals, Gardening Clubs and Master Gardening Organizations. We have a lot of home gardeners visiting our website and we'd like to get YOUR relevant gardening content in front of them. We can offer highly visible advertisements of all kinds in trade, here's our latest special offer please contact us to get started today. No tricks, or bait and switch tactics, we're simply looking for partners to make everyone happy!

 Grow your Business or Club at the Mulch!

Gardening businesses and clubs of all shapes and sizes can use the Mulch to gain exposure and increase sales. There are multiple opportunities (both free and paid) to entice AVID GARDENERS to visit your website, read your blog, call your nursery, order your book, sign up for your services, attend your meetings or whatever else you do that is gardening related. The first step... JOIN NOW FOR FREE (be sure to use your company name!).

Learn more about how your organization can use our signature feature - Plant Care Reminders:

Some Ways To Get Free Publicity on the Mulch:

Join Using Your Company Name and Logo (it's FREE):

growing-moneyThe very first thing you should do is Join the Mulch, (it's free). When you join you automatically create a profile about you or your company which is the cornerstone for FREE PROMOTION. Everything else you do at the Mulch will show your username and avatar (a photo of you or we suggest you use your company logo) along with a link back to your profile. Every time you answer a question, make a comment, upload a photo of your work or create plant care instructions (or do anything else on the Mulch) it will be linked back to your profile. Every gardening professional or business should join. Becoming a member of the Mulch makes it possible to use all of these free features!

Include a Link and Business Contact Information.

People will visit your profile (everything you do will be connected to your profile), so be sure to make it easy for them to find you. We've made it easy to add a link to your website or blog, upload your company logo, tell about your business and much more.

Plant Care Reminders - Most Unique and Targeted Advertising Available Anywhere!

Use your plant care expertise to get in front of avid gardeners on a regular basis. Get new customers, gain credibility, and much more. Here's a tutorial: Plant Care Reminders - Finding and Using Them. Please Contact Us To Get Started!

Add Your Company Profile and Website to Our Gardening Directory.

In addition to the free publicity you get with your user profile, you can add your company information (including links) to our Directory of Goods and Services section. To do this, just go to the Links, Goods and Services section, select a category and click on the "Add Your Listing Here". It will take you to an easy to use form. Just fill it out and you're all set. Remember to add a link back to the Mulch on your website. Search engines love that kind of cross linking. It's also possible to purchase better placement in our directory. You can learn more below, or in our Special Advertising Offer Page

Submit Your Gardening Articles.

If you have existing gardening articles -- especially those about plants or plant care -- we'll publish them along with your logo and links to your website and a blurb about your business or organization. This is a great way to use what you've already done to get people to your website. We have numerous articles which are seen tens of thousands of times. This is a great win-win situation: our visitors get content which you've already written,  and you get lots of visitors to your website! We'll even do all the work, just let us know which article you'd like to publish and we'll do the rest (if it fits our guidelines).

Become a Featured Expert.

Become a featured expert, is easy, it's free, and there's no ongoing commitment. Just complete a questionnaire and give a few lists of plant recommendations for your region and we do all the rest. This is a FANTASTIC way to get noticed and gain credibility. We link back to your business, blog or organization. Contact us to get started!

Participate in Our Gardening Forums.

We connect everyone through your username, so each time you answer a forum question it will show your username (which could be your Company Name) and that links back to your profile page, which you can use to promote yourself and your gardening business. Home gardeners are asking questions in our forums all the time, so every time you answer a question your avatar will stay with that answer, and your profile will be one click away from anyone who reads that answer (and that's a lot of people). You can also add a direct link back to your website on every answer, which makes it even easier to get more visitors. More information about using the forums. Go directly to the forums.

Create a Photo Gallery of Your Business or Work.

As a member you can also create your own photo gallery. If you own a nursery, take a few photos of your place and give a little explanation in the comments portion of the photo. You can do the same thing if you're a designer or architect. You can show some of your best work. Many of our members are using these techniques to build or enhance their businesses. It's another great way to get some free publicity and show off your expertise.

Instead of 'Tagging' your friends on Facebook, now you can 'Tag' your Plants in your photos!

We've created a fantastic new feature where you can easily 'Tag' the plants which are in your photos. This feature is available for photos you upload on your member Profile (here's an example), or you add to our Plant Encyclopedia.

Each 'Tag' is a link which takes you to other photos of the same plant and to more information including Plant Facts and Plant Care Reminders in our Plant Encyclopedia.

Tutorial: How to Tag Plants In Your Garden Photo.

Gardening Professionals:

  • Make your clients happy.
  • Use 'Tagged' photos as deliverable for your clients.
  • Show off your design work.
  • Connect your design work to Plant Care Reminders.
  • Create a social media presence and automatically get free publicity.

It's a great feature, we invite you to use our system.

Upload Plant Photos to our Plant Encyclopedia.

Different than starting a photo gallery, this is about putting a photo of a specific plant into our Plant Encyclopedia. It's easy to do, and you will get a lot of exposure. People love to look at our plant photos, and your username (along with a link) will be seen on every photo you add.

Tutorial: You can learn how to upload photos to our Plant Encyclopedia here.

Add the Plants You Grow or Sell to Your MY PLANTS list.

Our system automatically connects people by the PLANTS they're interested in. Every time someone looks up a plant in our Plant Encyclopedia they can see who else is interested in that plant, so when you ADD A PLANT to your My Plants list they will see your avatar or logo and be able to visit your profile. Here's an example of everyone at the Mulch who says they own Rosemary.

Tutorial: Creating Your Personal Plant List - How do I add plants to "My Plants", "My Wish list" & "My Recommendations"

Comment About Plants, Articles or Other Content

At the bottom of almost all of our content you're able to easily write a little comment for everyone else to see. Once again, all comments are automatically linked to your profile (which shows your username and avatar/logo and website) and therefore your profile page (and more free branding) is only a click away.

Paid Advertising Opportunities

The Mulch offers cost effective ways to reach new customers. Our members and visitors are just what you want, avid gardeners. We use multiple strategies to create traffic on our website, which translates into new customers for you. In order to save you money and get better visibility we're now handling all advertising in-house. Contact us with any questions.

We'll Republish Your eNewsletter and promote it all over the place for only $10 per eNewsletter!

We'll republish and promote your eNewsletters or Press Releases and promote them to our visitors, our members and our twitter followers: This is one of our most popular and innovative advertising features. We have two dedicated web pages on our main navigation specifically for these, one is Special Offers and one is Gardening eNewsletters along with links and thumbnails distributed though-out the the Mulch.

Once the eNewsletter is published, then we tweet about it to our gardening followers (over 16,000 and growing).

We Publish Your Complete Message: Your marketing department has already put together great eNewsletter, why not let it be seen by the avid gardeners all over the internet? Instead of a banner, readers will see your whole message, including your special offers, timely tips and important announcements.

Publish links and thumbnails (when applicable) to your eNewsletter effectively in multiple high traffic areas: We include links to the latest eNewsletters on almost every page on the Mulch, links and spotlights in our weekly newsletter.

Your eNewsletter is published as content and is indexed on all of the big search engines just like any article: Instead of a just a banner or a link to your website (like conventional advertisements) we publish your complete eNewsletter as a content piece on the Mulch and keep it active as long as you're advertising with us (or we can remove them). This does two things, it makes it so visitors of the Mulch are exposed to your message(s) for a longer period of time, and it makes it so the large search engines will make these available to anyone searching the internet. The top portion will have a sort able list (so visitors can easily see all of your past newsletters) and will show the date and the company, and when you click the link it will take the member to your email which is published on the Mulch, and then all links will go directly to your website.

It’s very simple, here’s how it works:

1. We subscribe to your eNewsletter.
2. When you send out your regular email newsletters, press release, notes or promotions we’ll publish it in our Special Offers section (with all links back to your website included).
3. We’ll aggressively promote it with links, thumbnails, Twitter, Facebook and other special advertising - and people will read it and visit your website.
4. At the end of the month we’ll charge you a flat fee of $10.00 for each eNewsletter we've published for you.

We’ll do all the work and you’ll get results, all for only $10 per eNewsletter. There’s no long term commitment, you can start or stop at any time, it’s simple, clean, easy and it will get results!

Simple, cheap and effective advertising – what could be better! Get what you’ve already done in front of more (and new) avid gardeners without creating any more work for you! Your marketing department has already put together a great newsletter, why not let it be seen by the people visiting the Mulch.

This is a great opportunity we hope you’ll take advantage of!

Contact Us and we'll help you get started! We'll work with you and make sure your message is heard.

This package is a great, cost effective, and super targeted opportunity which we hope you’ll take advantage of! We’ll gladly answer any questions you have. Contact Mitch Shirts by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to learn more or to sign up now!

Cost Effective Banner Ads and Links

Get a ton of exposure! We have opportunities for banner ads, text ads, Facebook style ads and much more. You'll get fantastic visibility and since we handle our advertising in-house our prices are fantastic! Contact us to learn more!

Deep Direct Links From Our Plant Encyclopedia Directly to Your Product

Visitors are searching our Plant Encyclopedia for a number of reasons, to research plants, to create plant lists of the plants they own or are interested in, and to find our signature Plant Care Reminders. In fact everything on the Mulch revolves around the plants they own.

With that in mind we place very targeted direct links from the specific Plant Encyclopedia information straight to the matching page on your website. So if someone is looking up Sweet Basil in our Plant Encyclopedia they will see your logo with a link directly to your catalog page for Sweet Basil! You could also have the link go to group page, for instance from Sweet Basil (on the Mulch) to a listing of all the Basil you sell, it's up to you. These advertisements are seen whenever the plant information is displayed, for example, in our Plant Encyclopedia results page or on a persons personal Plant List (which they access all the time). This is very targeted, and very effective. 

Featured Directory Listings

Get your name at the top of searches in our Links Directory. We'll even put links throughout our site to make sure people see you! It's a great way to have gardeners visit your website.

Featured Calendar Listings

Get a full page of content along with listing in our Gardening Events Calendar accompanied by links to promote the listing.

Sponsor a Contest

Get ongoing publicity and brand awareness along with happy winners! Contact Us For More Information.

Every gardening related business should be a member of the Mulch! Join now! It's free, you can get great exposure and it's fun - Don't Delay Join Today!

Plant Care Reminders

Blue Hibiscus Montly Plant Care
Shrubs Steve Brigham

Hibiscus - Blue (Alyogyne huegelii) - Monthly Plant Care Calendar

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Cammellia sinensis Monthly Plant Care
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Camellia sinensis - Monthly Plant Care Calendar

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Clivia miniata (Lily - Kaffir) -…

16896 Ron Vanderhoff
Clivia miniata Monthly Plant Care
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Aeonium spp (Aeonium) - Monthly Plant…

13710 Solana Succulents
Aeonium Monthly Plant Care
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Collard Greens (Brassica oleracea ssp.…

5738 San Diego Seed Company
Collard Greens Plant Care
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Our website has so much information being added and updated that I decided to post an update to keep the members informed.
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April is an Active Time in Local Gardens

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Oscar Olson
Region: Southwest

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Fig Monthly Plant Care

Fig Tree (Ficus carica) - Monthly Plant Care Calendar

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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) - Monthly Plant Care Reminders

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