Set yourself apart from your competitors! Use the Mulch's specially designed online tools to create satisfied customers and a social media presence.

Use Special Features Of The Mulch To Tell Interested Gardeners:

We want to work with you to use our FREE online features and tools to create an amazing resource for your customers and a marketing/social media tool for your Nursery. Let us show you how the Mulch can help your business. Contact Us To Learn More.

Gain new customers, or simply make your existing customers very happy by leveraging your existing regional plant knowledge. Our new Plant Care Reminders feature lets you easily create care instructions for your local area, and the plants you're familiar with, then we deliver that information directly to interested gardeners in your area at the appropriate time. Our online tools/features can take your current regular monthly "Plant Care Sheets" and "To-Do List"s you give to your customers and turn them into interactive social media marketing tools! These personalized plant care reminders are automatically sent to local gardeners (including your customers) each month. This is the most targeted marketing opportunity available anywhere!

Now you can easily create a permanent resource (deliverable) for your customers to keep track of their plants, to care for their plants, be more successful with their garden, be happier with your nursery, and ultimately increase your sales.

Nurseries can use features of the Mulch to create value for their clients:

  1. Plant Lists - Create community, by connecting customers through the plants they are interested in, Here's an example.
  2. Monthly Plant Care Reminders automatically sent directly from YOU using our system. Here's an example from Mitch's southern California Garden.
  3. Publicize Events, including seminars, classes, sales and special events.
  4. Create Private Groups for customers to communicate and ask questions.
  5. Share Photo Galleries of past work.
  6. Tag Plants instead of people - now you can TAG a plant photo and share it with your customers. Great for recommending plants!
  7. Designers - create value added services in your landscape designs, learn more.
  8. All for FREE!

The Mulch can send your plant care knowledge directly to interested gardeners.

Retail Nurseries:

Wouldn't it be great if you could say - "we have free monthly care reminders for this plant which can automatically be sent to you if you'd like". Well now you can with our Monthly on demand, Plant Care Reminder System.

Advantages For Using Our Plant Care Reminders Feature:

  • Your expertise = more sales.
  • Leverage your knowledge (you already have this, we're just helping you communicate it to your customers).
  • Increase your brand awareness - your name and logo is seen every time people review instructions either on their personal profile of when we send personalized lists to their email.
  • We promote Plant Care Providers in newsletters, forums and email blasts.
  • Get NEW customers.
  • We're constantly advertising and getting new gardeners to visit and join our website. These members are potential new customers for you.
  • Increased web hits through links and heightened exposure.
  • Care instructions are search-able by Sunset and USDA climate zones, region, or Company.

Does a scenario like this keep you awake at night?: A customer is walking around the nursery, asks your staff how you take care of this plant, they say something like, I'm not sure, or it's easy, just fertilize it when it needs it or ‘keep it watered', this doesn't instill confidence, the customer won't remember, and it may even lose a sale, or maybe your customer decides against buying the higher price plant because of the fear of failure! Even worse, what happens when a potential customer asks someone and they give the wrong information, and you lose credibility and repeat customers. It's almost assured that SOMEONE on your staff knows the answer, but how do you make sure that CORRECT information is passed on to your customers, and they feel confident in your answer. Instead of pushing your clients to the internet or a book or other resource for this information (maybe even your competitor), now you can provide it yourself. Maybe you have plant care instructions you've created which you hand out to your customers, these are fine, but they get lost, or they're not all in one place, and often they're not put into monthly tasks, our system solves this problem.

All you need to do is complete an easy to use form which lets your customer know when to do any or all of 14 different tasks, including when to buy, plant, fertilize, prune, sow seeds and water.

With this system you can tell your customers:

  • What products do you sell and would like to recommend.
  • What local climate issues affect plant care.
  • When's the right time to buy this plant at your store.
  • When's the right time to plant seeds (and buy them at your store)?
  • When's the right time to fertilize? With what product?
  • When's the right time to Prune? with what tool?

You may be saying this seems like a lot of work - not really, you already know how to care for the plants you sell, you just need to complete our form which breaks it into monthly reminders - and we'll help you in any way we can. In our system you're not telling them HOW to do it, just WHEN to do it. So it's not hard, you're simply using our system to tell them in a new better way what you ALREADY tell them.

After you've finished Plant Care Reminders for a plant once - you don't have to ever redo that plant (unless you want to). We suggest you start with a few of the most common plants you sell and gradually create more. In addition we've made it very simple to create monthly care reminders and COPY and PASTE them to other plants. For instance, you create ONE set of instructions for Salvia leucantha, then you can easily copy & paste those same instructions to all plants which have the same plant care instructions.You can create reminders over time - don't have to do all the plants at once, so one week you do Palms, then next Roses, the next Salvias - before you know it you'll have your whole nursery done!

In addition, the majority of your business is coming from the local area and the climate which is unique to your location. Small differences in plant care timing can really make a difference. Our system embraces this issue, and takes your expertise and leverages it to increase sales.

Plant Care Features:

  • Completely customizable to your organization.
  • You absolutely do not have to have any advanced computer knowledge. All you need to do is be able to have access to the Internet, and be able to write (a little), cut and paste.
  • You have complete control over the content you deliver.
  • Company spotlight, including description of your nursery, products you sell, contact information, logo, links to your website (if you have one) and much more.
  • Covers 14 critical tasks, including when to fertilize, prune, water, treat for disease or pests and much more.

You may be thinking, if we answer all the questions online, they won't come back into our nursery as often. We think it will be the exact opposite, your expertise will create success, which will create loyalty, which will equal more sales. In addition, most problems still need to be looked at in person, and if they trust you'll they'll be more likely to come to your store. Even if they got plants from somewhere else, if they go to you for care instructions you'll be gaining brand awareness, they will be seeing your company name and logo, and customers will be more likely to come to your facility for their next purchase, knowing that you will provide free care reminders for them.

Move into the 21st Century of gardening information with us - start now - contact us to help you get started!

It's Easy to Get Started - either contact us via email or call us at 858 248-0414 to arrange for live support - that's right a real person on the phone!

The Mulch takes your plant care expertise and automatically creates customized Monthly Plant Care Calendar for your clients! It's the future of Plant Care - start taking advantage of this fantastic feature today. Contact Us Now!

It's a great FREE program, and we want you to participate, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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