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Shrubs and Small Trees - Southern California

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Evelyn Alemanni

Evelyn Alemanni's Top Plant Recommendations

More About Evelyn Alemanni
Region: Southwest
Sub Region: Southern California - Coastal, Inland
State: California

All of Evelyn's Plant Recommendations:

Favorite Fruit Trees

Brugmansia spp Brugmansia spp
Beautiful bell shaped flowers give off the most wonderful fragrance at dusk. Can be pruned into a shrub or tree. Disease resistant, nothing eats it.
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Buddleja spp Buddleja spp
Easy to grow, easy to propagate. Can be pruned as tree or shrub, and makes a great cut flowers. Lots of color options from white to deep purple.
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Cassia leptophylla
Can be pruned as tree or shrub, great clusters of yellow, tropical looking flowers. Great cut flowers. Comes in bright yellow and "buttercream".
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Chamelaucium uncinatum
Great for bouquets. Light, airy look of shrub allows light to come through to other plants.
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Euonymous spp
I like the variegated gold and green variety. The branches can be incorporated into bouquets.
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 Leptospermum spp Leptospermum spp
Easy to grow, nothing bothers it. Great filler for bouquets, comes in white, pink, red, and rose.
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