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Roses - Southern California

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Walter Andersen

Walter Andersen's Top Plant Recommendations

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Region: Southwest
Sub Region: Southern California - Coastal, Inland
State: California

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Favorite Roses

Rosa hybrid 'Barbra Streisand' Rosa hybrid 'Barbra Streisand'
One of the "newer" lavender roses, in my opinion it is the best so far. Large blooms of fairly deep color and it is relatively disease resistant. One strange thing about lavender roses, you either love them or hate them. If you like them, this is the best. If you don't like lavender, don't buy it.
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 Rosa hybrid 'Climbing Fourth of July' Rosa hybrid 'Climbing Fourth of July'
A really great blooming red rose, semi-double with white streaks, grows fast and blooms a lot. Few problems, and very showy.
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Rosa hybrid 'Dolly Parton'
Poor name, but a great deep orange rose, very strong fragrance. Does not sell really well until it blooms. Then it is GONE!
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Rosa hybrid 'Henry Fonda'
Seems to me many don't really know what a great yellow rose this is. I can't think of a rose that has a richer yellow color. It is overlooked by many.
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Rosa hybrid 'Mr. Lincoln' Rosa hybrid 'Mr. Lincoln'
Just a great red rose.
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Rosa hybrid 'Perfect Moment' Rosa hybrid 'Perfect Moment'
A very colorful rose, red on the outer petals and yellow toward the center. Few problems and seems to bloom a lot. The blooms almost glow.
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