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Colorful Foliage Bulbs - Southern California

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Jim ThreadgillJim Threadgill's Top Plant Recommendations

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Region: Southwest
Sub Region: Southern California -  Coastal, Inland
State: California

All of Jim's Plant Recommendations:

Favorite Colorful Foliage Bulbs

  • Tropicana Canna - Canna x generalis 'Tropicana'
    Great sub-tropical plant known for its veriagated foliage.
    Additional Details

  •  Black Magic Elephant Ear - Colcasia esculenta 'Black Magic'
    Huge dark purple and black leaves-Great for San Diego.
    Additional Details

  • Illustus Elephant Ear - Colcasia esculenta 'Illustus'
    Unique bi-colored foliage (green and purple)-Great for San Diego.
    Additional Details
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